• My first term of teaching Computer Science.

    An insight into Alex Peake's first teaching practice.

    Teaching Computer Science has been an incredibly fulfilling experience during my placement at Meden School. Currently, students are working on their programming skills in a piece of software called Small Basic, which allows students to write code and program a turtle to move around on the screen and draw shapes among other things. It’s been a fantastic way to introduce the theories of programming in a visually interesting way for students. Seeing students develop programs that they can run and see the results of their work straight away is really effective in maintaining student engagement ...

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  • LL Wakelet Page

    Information, book choices, quizzes...

    Wakelet is a fantastic platform that the Learning Lounge use to collate lots of resources and information for students to access.

    Click here to access our page.

    Posted 12/01/2021 by Toot Hill School

  • Local designer leads creative lessons

    Timico’s Head of Creative visited the school during the autumn term

    Towards the end of the autumn term, Year 8 students were excited to welcome a local designer Scott Wroe, Head of Creative, from Timico in Newark.

    The aim of the visits was to elevate the students’ learning about the street artist, graphic designer, social activist and illustrator, Shepard Fairey. The art team wanted the students to be ambitious in their acquisition of skills, so they employed the vast experience of Scott to enable this learning to take place.

    Chloe Leach, Head of Art and Design, said: “We are so excited to have this opportunity and are extremely grateful to Scott and ...

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  • "I never said it would be easy, I did say it was worth it"

    A career change, a mother of two and now a trainee teacher of History - Kate Machej

    This time last year I was sat in a stuffy office, talking to clients about economic forecasts, investment planning and retirement cash flows. I had fallen into the Financial Services after graduating. It was soulless place and unless you had successfully managed a big fat bonus for your client based on a good investment paying off and the FTSE behaving, no one thanked you and quite often awkward phone calls with clients turned into fits of anxiety. It was emotionally draining and I lived for my pay packet at the end of each month; it was a handsome salary, the only thing keeping me from thr...

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  • Activities to do at home from Book Trust

    Writing tips, drawing, stories...

    Book Trust is a registered charity and has an abundance of activities that your child might enjoy doing at home in these difficult times. There are stories to listen too for both Primary and Secondary, authors giving writing tips and much more.

    Click here to access the resources.

    Posted 07/01/2021 by Toot Hill School

  • Reading Week Postponed

    Toot Hill's Reading Week will no longer take place on the week commencing 11th January.

    Due to school reopening times, Toot Hill's Reading Week will no longer take place Week Commencing the 11th of January. The Learning Lounge still plans to host this week later on in the year.

    However, you should still pick up a book next week and see how many chapters you can complete or how many books you can read.

    Stay tuned for more reading news.

    Posted 04/01/2021 by Toot Hill School