• Updated guidance for masks in school

    Please find the updated guidance on students wearing mask in school

    On Monday 17th March, new guidance about students wearing masks comes into effect. You can read detailed information about our safety protocols here:

    Mask Update Letter

    Posted 14/05/2021 by Toot Hill School

  • Diana awards

    Anti-Bullying ambassadors will be taking part in the Diana awards training during the summer term.

    Posted 12/05/2021 by Madani Girls School

  • "Develop the three Rs of Routines, Respect and Relationships into your practice"

    Warren graduated in 2017 as a history teacher, read his advice for new trainees.

    SCITT Cohort Year: 2016–2017

    School: Meden School

    Subject: History

    Brief biog:

    I am currently working at Meden School. I now have numerous roles that I do, such as run the Student Council, being a history SCITT mentor, liaise with PTA and external groups such as the rotary club to provide high quality mentoring programmes to KS3 and KS4.

    What has been your best moment in teaching?

    One of the proudest moments in my career so far was 2019 results day. I had a difficult lower ability group that really tested my skills and resolve. Nevertheless, some of my students surpassed t...

    Posted 12/05/2021 by SCITT - Read more

  • Freeze Pop Friday

    We are so excited about our Freeze Pop Friday launch.

    We have recently launched 'Freeze Pop Friday' where we are selling ice lollies on a Friday after school on the school premises. All ice lollies are priced at 50p each, and any money raised will go towards purchasing new items within school for the children to use - this may be new books, learning resources or towards updating school equipment. The first couple of Freeze pop Friday's have been hugely successful and we want to thank all those who have purchased ice lollies for their support. We would also like to thank Mrs Cox's son Matthew & his friend James (Pupils at Toothill Secondary Sch...

    Posted 12/05/2021 by Robert Miles Infants - Read more

  • Amazing Y12 students

    Complete Scholars Programme

    A group of our amazing year 12 students recently completed the Scholars Programme, an academic programme run by The Brilliant Club. The Scholars Programme provided the students an experience of university learning to help them make an informed decision about their future.

    Throughout The Scholars Programme the students experience small group university-style tutorials delivered by a PhD tutor, teaching a supra-curricular topic based on their current research. Our students researched and compared different social movements. Although university may not be for everyone, this excellent progra...

    Posted 12/05/2021 by Meden School - Read more

  • KS3 App design competition

    Upcoming KS3 App design competition, full details to be shared on our twitter page

    Posted 11/05/2021 by Madani Boys School