• School Newsletter

    25th September 2020

    School Newsletter

    25th September 2020

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    It’s going to be cold in class – extra jumpers, hoodies and coats welcome…

    Have you lost hours at work or been made redundant?

    Having a COVID test?

    It’s going to be cold in class – extra jumpers, hoodies and coats welcome…

    One of the government rules for covid-safe classrooms is that doors and windows must be kept open at all times to keep a free flow of fresh air. As the weather turns colder, we know that this will make classrooms cold even with the heating turned on. Please send your child with an ex...

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  • The European Day of Languages

    Hola, bonjour, hello, merhaba...

    Every year, the European Day of Languages is celebrated across Europe on the 26th September. It promotes Europe's rich linguistic diversity and it aims to raise awareness of the importance of learning a language.

    At Nottingham Free School, we will be celebrating this day on Friday the 25th September. All teachers will be wearing a name badge which introduces them in a different language from around the world. Throughout the day, pupils will be challenged to see if they can figure out as many languages as possible with the winner from each tutor group receiving a gold coin and a special ...

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  • Year 6 Virtual Open Event

    Thursday 8th October 2020

    Live 18:30pm

    Further details to follow

    Posted 23/09/2020 by The Suthers School

  • Top 10 wellbeing tips for new trainee teachers!

    SCITT lead tutor and wellbeing specialist Rebecca Morgan Jones supports new starters

    1. Remember WHY – You need to hold onto the reason you went into teaching at all times. I hear trainees say “I want to make a difference”. It’s your passion will keep you focused when times are tough. The belief that you are giving back and doing something worthwhile will be your motivator. Remember things that are worthwhile and rewarding are not always easy.
    2. Connect with other trainees – Get to know other people on the course as they will be your support network. Get good at sharing the highlights of your experiences, celebrate what’s going well with each other. Remember you’re not doin...

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  • Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

    Year 11s have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

    If you're in year 11 and you are considering one day going to university to become a graduate level engineer then why not apply for an Arkwright Engineering scholarship?

    The Arkwright Scholarships Trust provide a financial award to students who are committing to study A levels that could lead them into Engineering in the future. However the appeal of the scholarship goes way beyond the money as scholars are matched with a sponsor who will provide support, mentoring and work experience opportunities as well as scholars being invited to exclusive, STEM opportunities throughout year 12 & 1...

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  • School Newsletter

    18th September 2020

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    Reading – why home is so important Homework Coronavirus: What if my child’s class closes Packed Lunches Dinner Money - Pay by Bank Transfer Extra news from our youngest classes Year 6 Drugs & Alcohol Education reminder

    Reading – why home is so important

    This week I asked one of our highest achieving children “What makes you so clever?” He said… “I read more than other kids so I have more to think about”.

    All children read the same amount in school so the difference for our highest achievers comes from what is expected of them at home. Does your c...

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