• Joel's Earthquake proof house

    Joel''s earthquake proof house

    Joel designed and made his own earthquake proof house using resources he found at home. A great effort.

    Following the earthquake, the people on the roof definitely didn't survive! Inside the house the only one who survived was in the bath (egg box).

    Posted 01/04/2020 by Westdale Juniors

  • Keep exercising! There are loads of options!

    Exercise is so important, whilst you're at home

    Just a reminder about how important it is for both your physical and mental health, to ensure you exercise regularly. I know it can be more difficult whilst we all have to stay at home, but make the effort to keep active because it really will benefit you physically and mentally.

    We will all be in for a little while yet and regular exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones!) which really can make you feel better, especially if you start to find things tough.

    • Joe Wicks is still running daily sessions, which you can complete live at 9am or catch-up later on in the day (https://www...

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  • Safeguarding Policy Annex Added

    In Response to COVID-19

    Due to the current situation with COVID-19, additional guidance has been provided to schools in relation to safeguarding. Therefore an additional annex safeguarding policy has been created and this is held within school.

    Posted 01/04/2020 by Meden School

  • Adverbs

    Look at the adverb list. These adverbs say 'how' a verb is performed.

    To help you write your play scripts and include stage directions for your characters in a play, you will need to use adverbs to say 'how' something is done.

    A verb is a doing word or action e.g. walk, skip.

    An adverb describes the verb. We are going to learn to use an adverb to show 'how' something is done.

    For example: The alien suddenly jumped up behind them and burped loudly!

    An adverb can be positioned before or after the verb.

    Complete the sheet attached below. It will help you revise and understand what a verb and adverb is

    To help you, I have attached an adverb word...

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  • Some PE Routines in the Hall

    Mrs Thompson has been joining in too1

    We survived the Joe Wicks workout on Tuesday and enjoyed a selection of GoNoodle routines on Wednesday. (GoNoodle was less energetic but tested my dance skills!) - Mrs Thompson

    Posted 01/04/2020 by Westdale Juniors

  • Draw Along and Creating Book Characters

    Some colourful fun at Westdale Juniors this week.

    We used two draw-along videos from Rob Biddulph, children's author and illustrator, to create some amazing pictures of sausage dogs and a book character called Kevin.

    The children also enjoyed time colouring in, often while listening to music, and building impressive K'Nex models.

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    Posted 01/04/2020 by Westdale Juniors