• Bulletin 54

    Bulletin 54 now available

    Bulletin 54 now available.

    Posted 15/02/2019 by The Suthers School

  • Nationallllllllllllllllllllllllllllls!

    TGBDO National Finals - 2 / 3 years!

    As some will know, it was the Regional Final of the Great Big Dance-Off, last night. After a lot of shouting, whinging and frantic last minute choreography, the girls managed to bring it all together in time to smash-out an amazing performance! There were 16 KS3 entries from the East Midlands, with the top 3 progressing to Nationals...and WE DID IT! We came joint 2nd place out of the whole region! They really did work so hard in these last couple of days to bring it all together and they endured a considerable amount of earache in the process!

    I'm so proud of you all!


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  • Spring Half Term 1 Maths Star Students.

    Maths Star Students.

    After such a fantastic start to the spring term, there are many students that deserve to be recognised for their hard work and achievements. Star student nominations are reserved for those students who truly do stand out. They have made great progress in their own work and are a credit to the school.

    The nominations are:

    ​​​Year 11 Nominees

    Abbie French, Jacob Shutt, Cahli Austin-Cannon, Megan Murphy, Akira Hampson, Spencer Parker Rose.

    Year 10 Nominees

    Alix Goodison, Lisa Root, Jorja Hammond, Ellie Sharpe, Emily-Kate Dennis.

    Year 9 Nominees

    Kloe Knight, Ella Bett...

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  • Word of the week


    1. This weeks WOTW is Maverick

    Posted 11/02/2019 by The Suthers School

  • House Points

    Weekly totals

    All of the children had an amazing week meaning lots of team points were earned across the school.

    Congratulations to Elsie, Bonnie, Lexie and Holly who were our House Champions for their teams, this week.

    Weekly Total;​

    • Welbeck 646
    • Clumber 636
    • Rufford 644
    • Newstead 636

    Term Total:

    • Welbeck 2,507
    • Clumber 2,506
    • Rufford 2,505
    • Newstead 2,505

    Posted 11/02/2019 by Birklands School

  • Me@Meden

    Quote of the week

    Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody

    Posted 11/02/2019 by Meden School