• House Points

    Weekly totals

    A huge congratulations to our team point champions this week: Nelly, Paige, Bonnie and Kian

    The weekly total score:

    • Clumber: 337
    • Newstead: 327
    • Rufford: 322
    • Welbeck: 317

    Term Time totals

    • Clumber- 3,296
    • Welbeck- 3,281
    • Newstead- 3,287
    • Rufford- 3,283

    Posted 11/11/2018 by Birklands School

  • Bulletin 43

    Bulletin 43 now available

    Bulletin 43 now available.

    Posted 09/11/2018 by The Suthers School

  • Mission Catastrophe

    Writing competition for 11-18 year olds

    Closing Date: Friday 21st of December 2018

    The unthinkable has happened..

    A catastrophe so epic it has almost eliminated the entire human race. There are just a few survivors ... will they rebuild civilisation or succumb to Mother Nature, just like-all the others?

    Survival Sagas challenges your students to write a mini saga, a story in just 100 words, to tell us how the world ended or introduce us to their post-apocalyptic vision. What catastrophe wreaked this havoc? Why? How?

    Students can interpret the theme as they wish, as we love to encourage creativity and originality! From...

    Posted 09/11/2018 by Kirk Hallam Community Academy - Read more

  • Kirk Hallam 6th form v Friesland

    Great win for our 6th Form Football Team against Friesland - 5 - 1

    Another great win for our 6th Form Football team against Friesland on Thursday 8th November. Goal scorers where - Harry Marshall 2, Reece Widdowson 2, Riley Sinfield 1. This saw them secure a 5 - 1 win, well done lads

    Posted 09/11/2018 by Kirk Hallam Community Academy

  • Anti-bullying week

    This week is anti-bullying week in schools across the UK.

    We are very lucky that bullying is so rare at our school – but it is still important that children know what to do if there are problems. All classes will be learning about bullying in their PSHE lessons as well as in assemblies. School Council reps are also working with Mrs Russell to update the school’s “Guide to Bullying” which all children will receive soon.

    Posted 09/11/2018 by Victoria Primary School

  • Charity non-uniform friday

    Children in Need!

    On Friday we will be having non-uniform day for Children in Need – see the separate flyer for details. If you would like to donate to Children in Need, we will happily collect any money brought into school for the event and pass it on to the charity for you.

    Posted 09/11/2018 by Victoria Primary School