• Quote of the Week

    In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take

    In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take!

    What do you think is meant by this quote?

    Is there anything you don’t want to miss out on?

    Posted 25/09/2017 by Meden School

  • The BBC visits NFS!

    The BBC came in last week to film a lesson on misogyny in society today.

    A group of year 10 students were very excited at the prospect of being filmed for a short pilot film focusing on how schools discuss and deal with misogyny. Pupils were filmed taking part in a lesson and discussing the issues that they are confronted with in their day to day life. Some select pupils were also very brave and stepped forward to be interviewed to explain their own experiences as well as their own views on the school's approach to teaching about misogyny. They also talked about whether they feel it will make a difference to their perception of things outside the classroom. It w...

    Posted 25/09/2017 by Nottingham Free School - Read more

  • Year 10

    Year 10 make a good start to their new topic 'All about me'

    Year 10 have made a good start to their 'All about me' topic by tackling one of the most challenging types of art-portraiture. When creating a portrait there is a lot to consider; accurate use of shape, facial proportion rules and use of tone and contrast. The drawings that they have produced so far are of an excellent quality and showcase their wonderful talent!

    Posted 25/09/2017 by Nottingham Free School

  • Another talented cohort!

    Year 9 show their talent in their observational drawings

    Year 9 have made an excellent start to their GCSE course by showing their advanced skills in observational drawings. They are currently exploring lots of different materials as they learn to create drawings using natural form. We look forward to seeing what they produce next!

    Posted 25/09/2017 by Nottingham Free School

  • Maths Support is Back!

    Do you need help with your maths?

    If you are finding your maths homework a challenge or found a topic in class difficult and need just a little bit more help then attend maths support.

    You do not need to attend on the day your teacher is supporting, any of us are happy to help, and will be available all lunch time.

    See attached poster for details.

    Posted 25/09/2017 by Nottingham Free School

  • House Points

    weekly Total.

    The weekly totals so far this term look amazing and demonstrate how hard all the children are working. I guess that means that the pupils have once again been following our 'Work Hard, Be Kind' ethos

    The weekly total so far are:

    • Clumber: 621
    • Newstead: 627
    • Rufford: 622
    • Welbeck: 629

    Posted 24/09/2017 by Birklands School