• Quote of the Week

    Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself

    Students will be discussing this quote during tutorial time this week

    Posted 21/05/2018 by Meden School

  • Me@Meden


    All of the students that entered the Bikeability course have gained level 2 and are working towards level 3. Cycling safely is key.

    Posted 21/05/2018 by Meden School

  • Me@Meden Sessions

    Drug awareness

    This week in Me@Meden sessions students will be discussing what drugs are legal and illegal.

    Posted 21/05/2018 by Meden School

  • Booktrust Challenge - May 2018

    'Booked' by Kwame Alexander

    Every year the Learning Lounge gets gifted 5 sets of wonderful books which are considered modern classics.

    To celebrate these awesome novels we have created the Booktrust challenge. If you want to take part its simple:

    1. Pick up a Booktrust Challenge.

    2. Read the book and answer the 10 questions.

    3. If you are one of the first 6 to complete the challenge you will be rewarded with 25 credit points and an LL goody bag/ free book!

    The third Booktrust challenge to grace our shelves this year, is a book called 'Booked'. This book follows football star Nick as he learns to cope wi...

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  • Short Story Competition

    How to vote - Closes 15th June

    The Learning Lounge wants to celebrate our student writers. Since last year we have been adding student stories to our short story folder. To celebrate all our entries we want you to vote for your favourite story. The winner will receive an amazing prize at our own Learning Lounge awards evening.

    How to vote:

    • Read the entries which can be found in the Learning Lounge's short story folder.
    • Write the title of your favourite story on a voting slip (Found at the LL desk)
    • You can vote for more than one BUT you cannot vote for the same story more than once.

    The votes will be cou...

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  • Sketchbooks

    Year 10 have been working hard on their coursework sketchbooks

    Over the last half term, Year 10 GCSE Art pupils have been working hard on presenting their work in their sketchbooks. They are doing an amazing job which is very important as these books will be worth 60% of their overall GCSE mark.

    Posted 21/05/2018 by Nottingham Free School